Psycho-Oncology Service

Psycho-Oncology Service at the Cancer Information Centre in Limerick

When diagnosed with cancer, it is normal to feel stress, anxiety, sadness, anger or a sense of a loss of control. Sometimes the disruption caused by cancer can be managed by calling upon available resources within yourself, your family, your circle of friends and your support networks. For some people, this is the case, but others may need professional help to deal with the distress they are experiencing. This help may be needed while attending the hospital as an outpatient, or during inpatient treatment and in such cases, the Psycho-Oncology service can help.

The Psycho-Oncology service is free and available to both In-Patients and Out-Patients who are receiving or have received treatment within the UHL Cancer services. Support and intervention are available during initial diagnosis, during and after treatment. A referral to Psycho-Oncology services can be arranged by a member of your medical team.

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